Our Au Pair Testimonials

We love receiving au pair reviews. Your experience is what matters most to us and we want to hear your favorite parts! Thank you for sharing your kind words about your experiences. 

Our Make a Difference course is built to specifically help with the transition from living in your home country to living with a host family in the U.S., so what better time to take it then when you first get here!

In this course we discuss conflict resolution, cultural diversity in the United States and how to successfully interact with people from different backgrounds and life experiences. Being in a diverse classroom will allow you to make new friends with individuals from all over the world and put everything you are learning into practice! We encourage you to join this course early in your au pair experience in order to get the most out of your time in the U.S. 


Our Discover the U.S. course focuses on creating global connections. This is a big part of our mission at Au Pair Weekend. We want to give you the best chance to meet other international students through our classes. During our class activities we encourage you to participate in groups with others from different home countries than yourselves in order to learn more about the world as a whole.  


Our Arts & Entertainment courses are a fun way to push yourself a little outside your comfort zone. It's our way of allowing you to better understand the world of showbiz and entertainment.

In all of these courses we are committed to teaching you about yourself and your community. We have dedicated 16+ years to understanding the needs of au pairs and perfecting our curriculum in order for it to benefit you the most!  


We can't wait to see you at one of our upcoming weekend courses and hear about your favorite part!

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